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​we're officially
shutting down...

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The Next Episode

the next episode

After 15 years of activity, it's time for the Anticonf team to take the project to the next level.


We're officially shutting down Anticonf, to open the next episode with the First Track Lab: a unique R&D and production facility based in Switzerland, at the service of all brands.

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a new vision...

The First Track Lab is a way for us to take our ideals to the next stage, and bring ski & snowboard production back to Switzerland.

Working locally, with a special care for sustainability was always part of Anticonf's DNA, and today, we are pushing our values one step further, challenging the ski industry's status quo.

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thank you.

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank all family members, friends and business partners, who supported the project for the past 15 years.


More than a brand, together we built a spirit that will last. 

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we'll see you out there!

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