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change the game!

Anticonf is the abbreviation for "anticonformiste" meaning "against the standard" in French. Since the inception of the first products, back in 2007, our main driver was to challenge the status quo and the established rules. 


We think ouf of the box, we develop new ideas, we limit our ecological footprint. Our objective stands in three simple words:



Photo credit © Oliver Godbold

sustainability pioneers

Born from the union of green and high performance, Anticonf was an early pioneer in riding equipment sustainability. Since 2014, we specifically focus on developing high performance gear  that have a lesser impact on the environment.

Photo credit © Oliver Godbold

Anticonf - Tech & Materials

techs & materials

key materials

Green Resin

biomass resin



100% natural, high damping properties

50%  of industrial waste or bio-base

100% natural, waterproof, light

100% natural, strong and long fibers

certified wood

wood harvested in a responsible manner

proprietary techs & developments

Anticonf Next Core ©

next core

patented proprietary tech, combination of bent fibers in the board / ski core

Anticonf Next Core ©

air core

proprietary tech, hollowed out plywood layers to lighten the skateboard core

Anticonf Next Core ©

wood skeleton

in-house development, wood skeleton in surf construction

flax fiber

Flax Fiber

powered by...

In 2019, we decided to open our R&D expertise to other brands and created the First Track Lab. A unique prototyping and production facility based in Verbier, Switzerland. 

FTL - White - Square (1).png

Photo credit © Brighthead Media

the a-team

Yoann is the business profile behind  Anticonf.

In addition to his managing role, Yoann has a background as marketing agency manager. He is overseeing the global business organization of Anticonf and the First Track Lab. 

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yoann chapel

Lab Captain

With over 14 years of experience in development of riding gear, Selim is the mastermind behind Anticonf.

In addition to his managing role, Selim is also coordinating wide scale ski production at the AST factory in Tunisia, bridging the gap between R&D and volume production.

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selim abdi

Founder, Head of Disruption

Anticonf - The a-team
Anticonf - History

the rest is history...

The first "Anticonformiste" longboards were developed in 2007, using advanced materials and technologies. The green transition occurred in 2014. From then on, the brand renamed "Anticonf" would only produce high performance gear that are among the most sustainable on the market. 

Anticonf - 2010 longboard 1.png
Anticonf Longboard Twin.png
Anticonf Longboard Poolshape.png
Anticonf - 2013 freestyle freeboard.png
Anticonf - 2010 Freeboard.png
Anticonf - 2010 longboard 3.png
Anticonf - 2010 longboard 2.png
Anticonf - 2K17 Green Freeboard.PNG
Anticonf Snowboard (top sheet).png
Anticonf - Cut back snowboard 2.png
Anticonf Wakeboard.png







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