Anticonf Snowboard (top sheet)_edited.png

the anticonf twin-tip

The Bad Kid is the first snowboard developped by Anticonf, back in 2017. It's formula has continuously evolved to become a reference among Anticonf products. 

CHF 595.-

Fichier 1.png

swiss engineered

Green Resin

biomass resin

Flax Fiber

flax fiber

Snowboard Vibrations

flax damping


bamboo topsheet


the swiss knife snowboard

Thanks to it's twin tip shape, the Bad Kid offers a high level of versatility. Compatible with nearly any practice, it excels on piste and in snowparks. 

floats in powder, pops in the park

Thanks to it's hybrid rocker, the Bad Kid meets the best of many worlds. It floats in powder, has great traction on piste and has an energic and precise pop. 


Hybrid Rocker Snowboard




flax damping for good vibes

Layered with flax fiber, the board absorbs undesired vibrations, providing a smoother ride. Flax is also 100% natural, reducing the ecological footprint of the product. 


award winner!

The Bad Kid was awarded by ISPO, the world largest sports trade show, as best winter hardware innovation in 2018.