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Anticonf - Seb Jam


Seb Jam initially joined the Anticonf crew in 2012 as a freeboarder. But Seb Jam is first of all a recognized snowboarder and talented video maker in the extreme sports field. 

More recently, in 2017, Seb Jam joined the Anticonf snowboard crew with his valuable experience on the Freeride World Tour qualifiers.

Seb Jam is always on the move and will have the opportunity to test his Anticonf snowboard all around the world !

Seb Jam - Anticonf freeboarder

Seb Jam - Enjoy the Ride - Snowboard Edit


Besides for his role as Anticonf Founder and Head of R&D, Selim Abdi is the first out there testing Anticonf products. Selim is a talented snowboarder and blew up the freeboard scene after 1 year of ride. 


After over 10 years in designing longboards and freeboards, Selim Abdi had the idea to rethink the way we build snowboards. He developed and tested 4 prototypes before to reach the perfect recipe. 

Deeply convinced by iterative development, Selim leverages his experience as a snowboard teacher to analyze and optimize the products he designs. 

Selim Abdi- Anticonf freeboarder

Selim Abdi - Anticonf Snowboard Presentation

Anticonf - Selim Abdi


Noé Liardet is one of the most stylish freeboard in Switzerland. Initially, active in boarder cross competition,


Noé is now riding his freeboard every day to work and knows the city of Lausanne better than anyone when it comes to city downhill. 


Member of the LAU' Riders crew, Noé Liardet has been riding Anticonf freeboards for over 5 years. 

Noé is also working on the Anticonf splitboard project and will surely ride Anticonf snowboards this winter !

Noé Liardet - Anticonf freeboarder

Noé Liardet - Freeboard raw cut

Anticonf - Noé Liardet


Besides for his role as Anticonf Head of Marketing and Communications, Yoann is a versatile and passionate rider.

He originally comes from water sports like surfing but in the absence of oceans in Switzerland, spends most of his time riding his freeboard in Lausanne and snowboard in the surrounding mountains.


More often behind the camera, Yoann manages the brand promotion and has the opportunity to travel and capture Anticonf pure sessions around the globe.

Yoann Chapel - Riding in Tibet with the Atomic Krew

Anticonf - Yoann Chapel
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