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Since 2011, the Anticonf prototyping facility has evolved to become the largest and most polyvalent freeride equipment prototyping structure of Switzerland. From digitally controlled cutter to ski, snowboard and skateboard press, the workshop is equipped to bring to life any freeride gear our engineers can imagine. 

Besides prototyping activities, we have the ability to produce small / medium series of products to test industrialization solutions. We also are lucky to be based in Lausanne, Switzerland and benefit from unique downhill infrastructures, a lake and ski resorts to test our gear (our favorite part of the job ! ).  

Anticonf - The Lab
Anticonf - Making of a Longboard


In average, 80% of the snowboard and ski R&D budgets are dedicated to design. At Anticonf, we like simple things and focus on what really matters: performance. Based on our green material knowledge, our engineers are walking out of the classical R&D path to bring some concrete advancement that aim to revolution the winter hardware. 

" Since carving and rocker, the

  winter industry didn't create

  any major enhancement "

Jérôme Parent, EPFL Engineer

" Going green shouldn't mean

  concessions on performances,

  nor on quality "

Selim Abdi, Head of R&D

Anticonf - R&D Services
Anticonf - Industrialization


Strong of our own experience in industrializing the Anticonf boards, we now have a trusted network of suppliers and a solid understanding of industry constraints. 

Our products being high range, we faced major challenges linked to quality while launching our first external batch. We believe nothing can replace direct contact and our Head of R&D is systematically attending external production phases. And to ensure the quality  consistency over time, we redesigned the quality check process at all steps of the production directly with our industrial partner. 

Industrialization services or quality process optimization can be proposed to external brands, struggling with higher volumes or with production consistency. 

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